Oral Statement of WOOMB International

Oral Statement of WOOMB International, NGO to the 56th Commission on Social Development Jan29-Feb7, 2018  REF 62467

Strategies for the Eradication of Poverty to Achieve Sustainable Development for All

Multifaceted strategies are required to address the elements of poverty which inhibit the growth of a society in order for it to achieve independent stability and health. The issues surrounding the political climate of developing countries often dictate their inability to increase the level of sustainable development within their borders, which inadvertently may have external repercussions on their neighbors. Economic nonproliferation and socio-coercive conditions also impact them. Thus, several countries within a region may be affected by the poverty of one country, to varying degrees.

Concerted efforts to eliminate the scourge of poverty challenge sustainable countries to assist in the elevation of these current political environments through comprehensive strategies which encompass the dialogue of mutual shared responsibility between a government and its people and the implementation of cohesive development, revealing opportunities of economic and social growth. By rendering this encouragement to developing countries, the possibility to achieve economic sustainability and societal development propels them to attain it.

WOOMB International renders this same encouragement to individual women throughout developing countries by elevating their knowledge of their own fertility through ecological family planning with the Billings Ovulation Method® of Natural Fertility Regulation. This natural system of applying comprehensive strategies to regulate fertility growth has been implemented within various ecological, environmental and cultural climates since 1953. Natural health, prevention of disease and unwanted pregnancies, and independent pursuit of higher education along with sustainable employment are achieved through its continuous realization.

As a non-governmental organization, WOOMB International unites with its global affiliates and teachers throughout more than 50 countries, to increase educational awareness surrounding fertility health and the authentic, correct implementation of the strategies existent within the Billings Ovulation Method® by women spanning 100 countries. These strategies contribute to the economic stability and physical health of women which empower them to diminish the machinations of poverty and aim for its elimination within their own lives and their communities.

Thank you.