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Medical science is now recognizing that most chronic diseases that will eventually kill most of us –even cardiovascular disease– is rooted in chronic inflammation; the body’s overreacting to some kind of stress.

The first and most persistent sign of inflammation is usually pain. It’s a sign that your body is overreacting to something or many things, damaging itself in the process. So why does your body overreact? Breakthrough biochemical science has now provided the answer in Sweetamine!

For more information and to purchase Sweetamine, please visit: www.sweetamine.com

Price: $34.95

The Gematria Effect

The Corona virus is the talk of 2020. Learn more of its connection to the historic events surrounding September 11th, 2001 with  Zachary Hubbard’s new book titled, “Number Games, 9/11 To CORONAVIRUS” Available at www.gematriaeffect.news

For more information and to purchase Number Games 9/11 TO CORONA VIRUS, please visit www.gematriaeffect.news

Price: $19.99